Big Changes Ahead: Year 4's Revamp!

March 1

We’re entering Year 4, and starting this week, Star Chef 2 will receive a series of updates aimed at enhancing the overall gameplay experience for users.

Big Change banner

These updates will introduce new features, address previously identified issues and contribute to a fairer in-game revenue model ensuring a sustainable and enjoyable experience for both existing and new players. The reason we’re doing this is to tackle the known design shortcomings that were preventing us from expanding the game to a larger audience – helping the long-term sustainability of the game and our business. 

Over the past year, our biggest challenge has been navigating the best way towards sustainable growth without compromising our brand’s core principles of honesty and fair play – because we want you to continue enjoying this game for years. 

The updates are based on careful analysis of the existing features by our game designers. We have also incorporated extensive player feedback and designed to address concerns about game design and fairness. The rollout will begin this week and continue throughout the next 3 months, with additional updates based on ongoing feedback integration.

We understand that changes can be met with varying responses. We encourage players to share their feedback by commenting below or by writing to us here. We remain committed to open communication and all questions and concerns are welcome. 

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