What’s New in v1.7?

April 8

Get ready to hop into an exciting wild ride with the latest update of Star Chef 2. A brand new Train feature and Upgrade Academy await to be experienced along with a remodeled Backyard, streamlined Team Announcements, a fresh Terrain Revamp, and more!

Hey there, Culinary Artists!🧑‍🍳 

As part of our foretold “Big Change” rollout (read here) we're stirring the pot once again with a flavorful update! Grab your whisks, 'cause things are about to get sizzling hot in Star Chef 2! This update is bursting with fun and flavors you won't want to miss. But before we dive into that, it’s time to get you pumped up with some In-game Cash that will be credited soon and will get you energized for your upcoming culinary adventures.😉 

Now, let's take a peek at what's cookin’:


Choo-Choo Train

Say hello to the Choo-Choo Train of Deliciousness! It’s a simplified one-stop-shop for the Star Chest and Upgrade Boat. Load it up with crops and dishes, sit back, and watch it return with all the necessary tools for upgrades to your storage, backyard, and more! You can also seek assistance from your friends to fulfill the train orders.

Can’t wait for the train to get back? No worries, there's a fast-track (pun intended 😜) option too! That is… through game cash.💸


Upgrade Academy

What is it, you ask? Well, the Workshop and Chef Academy have joined forces to create the ultimate destination for all your upgrade needs: The Upgrade Academy! This is your one-stop shop for XP, Coins, and Time Upgrades for all your appliances. Get ready to become a culinary Star Chef, faster than ever.

Since efficiency is our secret spice, Upgrade Academy will be your culinary power hub!🔥


Backyard Revamp

More Exciting News, Chefs! Buckle up to renovate your backyard. We've enhanced the overall look and feel of the backyard for an even better gameplay experience.🌳 

You might find some soil boxes overlapped, but no worries, we’ve got you covered smoothly by moving those extra soil boxes to storage.

Here’s the cherry on top! We are giving away some extra Backyard expansion plots too! And you can redesign your backyard yourself just the way you like.🤩
To compensate for this inconvenience, we have distributed in-game cash to all the players who have upgraded to this version.


The Terrain now has a fresh look to it.✨ Upon careful observations and a desire to provide a better gameplay experience, we've relocated some key features within our culinary universe.

Critics & Celebrities now have a new spot, Joe’s Delivery is conveniently next to the Food truck, and the Foodland bus is now occupying the former Workshop space. Solo tournaments have found a new home where Chef Masters used to be. While the Magic Boat and Upgrade Boat have sailed away for good, the Booster Boat remains here to stay - opening doors for some new fun possibilities.

Don't worry, we'll guide you through all these exciting changes with a special tutorial. Stay tuned!😉


For all the Team Leaders out there! Making announcements to your team just got even easier. We've added a handy announcement button right on the chat screen. Now you can keep your team informed and on top of their game with just a few taps.

Stay connected, stay up-to-date with strategies, and lead your squad to victory. Go on, leaders! Keep your announcements flowing! 💪


We’ve noticed a few teams were using the Chef Store to whisk away some of the healthy competition. This wasn’t the intended method of gameplay, and while we sent out multiple friendly nudges, the behaviour persisted. So, we’ve decided to remove the Chef Store.

But don’t worry! You can still request dishes and ingredients through the Team Chat. Your teammates will be glad to spice things up and get you exactly what you need. 😋


Crafting Magic

Crafting Magic is now a thing of the past, but don't worry! You can now get Magic from the Chef Journal, events like Kekoa's Adventure, Food Cart, and more. 

Players who are in need of additional Magic can also opt to purchase them with in-game currency during Kitchen Klash tournaments.

Additionally, serving Celebrities will reward you with Magic, Super Magic, and Boosters, whereas serving Critics will offer handy tools like saws and axes, along with helpful assists as a speedy service bonus. 😋


We know that losing extra tickets at the end of the event just doesn't feel right. Say hello to our new "Exchange Reward" system, coming soon! Now you'll be credited with coins for your extra tickets when the Kitchen Klash event wraps up. 

Get ready to reap the rewards of your hard work and strategy!💥


New Gold Pass Perks

Need more items from the Food Truck? We've got you covered! The "Abundant Food Truck" perk is here to save the day! Simply grab a Gold Pass to unlock this perk. You'll notice an increase in the variety of items available at the Food Truck.

Plus, you will get a brand new “Fast Train” perk to slash the wait time for your Choo-Choo train, all part of the Kekoa's Adventure excitement!😍


Booster Bonanza

It's time to say goodbye to the XP Rush, Super XP Boost, and Super Fast Boat Boosters to ensure fair progress for all players in the community, but don't worry since you can use them as long as they are in your storage!
Get ready for a kitchen revolution with our latest Boosters: Speedy Food Truck and Frequent Request! Brace yourself for Speedy Food Truck, now arriving twice as fast, and Frequent Dish Requests, slashing wait times at the chat to request a dish in half! It's time to supercharge your culinary adventure- faster, smoother, and more thrilling than ever! 🥳


Cinco de mayo

Vibrant colours, spicy tacos, and refreshing margaritas will tantalize your taste buds! The Food Cart Event is back with a festive Cinco de Mayo twist! 

Look forward to exclusive Joe’s delivery vehicle and station skins during the Food Cart event, along with some delicious themed dishes to spice up the occasion. So join us in spreading the fiesta spirit! 🥳


Get ready for a Cinco de Mayo celebration like no other, where every bite is a taste of Mexican culture and every moment is filled with joy with some exclusive themed dishes to level up the occasion. From lively mariachi bands to delicious street tacos, we're serving up Mexican delights that will transport you to the heart of the fiesta. 🌮


Dive into a Hawaiian holiday with Kekoa's Adventure! Surf into the season with exciting rewards, festive perks, and tropical decors. Unlock and embrace the Aloha spirit with your Gold Pass. Enjoy the tropical adventure! 🏖️

That's all for this update, chefs! Now get out there, grab your spatulas, and start cooking up a storm! We can't wait to see what delicious creations you come up with. And, while we're celebrating the joy of cooking, let's also simmer some love and appreciation for a very special occasion coming up for all our Super Moms. Stay tuned!

Check out our YouTube video for more details here! And don't forget to leave a comment below and let us know what you think!             

Happy Cooking Chefs!🤩