What’s New in v1.8?

May 13

All aboard for a Culinary Cruise with the latest update of Star Chef 2. Get ready to set sail on a gourmet adventure with the Brand New Cruise Party feature- an upgrade to the classic Catering Truck, along with the Flexible Edit Mode feature, Innovative Cooking Lab changes, Enhanced Booster activation changes, Kitchen Klash Update, and much more!

Hey there, Enthusiastic Chefs! 🧑‍🍳 As part of our foretold ‘Big Change’ rollout (read here), we're spicing things up once again with a zesty update! 

Let's dive in and see some delectable surprises we’ve planned for you:

Introducing Cruise Party Feature!

Cruise Party Feature

We’re waving goodbye to the old Catering Truck and Booster Boat and saying hello to our fabulous new Cruise Party feature. 🛳️ It not only adds to the luxury but makes it a bustling hub for your culinary quests using that lovely sea area. It’s a one-stop, go-to place for all your rewards like Cash, Coins, XP, Tools, Booster Materials, and Cruise points for filling serving bowls, completing milestones, and, setting it for a sail. 

Don’t forget to hit the send button once you’ve filled all the serving bowls. Also, once the Cruise returns, the order-filling time will start only when you get back to the game. Isn't that exciting?😍

Now set sail and embark on a new culinary journey!🤩

Edit Mode Feature: Customize Your Culinary Kingdom

Edit Mode

This feature is designed to make redecorating your restaurant a breeze! Enjoy a revamped experience, smoother flow for editing, and convenient placement of buttons at the bottom of the screen for easy access Also, focus on items you want to explore.🎉 Plus, explore an improved flow for selecting skins. Now you can purchase your favorite skin once and apply it to all your tables without needing to repurchase. Dive into editing with confidence and give your restaurant the makeover it deserves!🤩

Exciting Cooking Lab Upgrade

Cooking Lab Upgrade

You can now instantly activate Boosters using resources straight from the Cooking Lab, saving you time by skipping the crafting step!😍 You'll only need Elixirs to create Boosters, as all the Yogurts have been converted to Elixirs for easier access. Plus, everything you need is now available in one convenient location at the Cooking Lab. With Premium, you even get an extra slot to activate two Boosters at once.😯 Access to the Cooking Lab is streamlined with the Booster icon at the bottom, and there's unlimited storage for Booster Materials—how fantastic is that?🥳

New Goal-Based Gameplay in Kitchen Klash

Kitchen Klash

Get ready for a new way to challenge yourself in Kitchen Klash with our goal-based gameplay feature! Now, while you still get to compete with others, it's time to challenge yourself and achieve the set goals. Focus on achieving specific goals to progress through the game. We've eliminated storage limits for magic, giving you more freedom to strategize and reach higher goals.😎 Experience a satisfying gameplay as you work towards achieving your objectives. Go give it a try!🤟

Kitchen Klash: Solo Tournament

Based on popular demand from our community, who love the Kitchen Klash feature, you can now play Kitchen Klash as a Solo tournament too.💪 

Isn’t that amazing? Get ready to challenge yourself and experience the thrill of victory in Kitchen Klash Solo Tournaments!😋

Terrain Changes: New Features on the Map

Terrain Changes

We have built upon recent additions like the Choo-Choo Train and introduced the Brand new Cruise feature while we bid farewell to Catering and Dock. Experience even more excitement with an additional event area dedicated to FoodCart and Minigames. Discover fresh locations for Spin Wheel, Trivia, and Terrain, enhancing your experience like never before.🥳

Dishing Out Changes: Dock and Catering Boosters

Boosters Changes

With the permanent removal of Dock and Catering features, their Boosters will no longer be usable. The existing deprecated Boosters can no longer be utilized, even if players have them remaining. But do not fret. We've ensured a smooth transition by reallocating their effects to other boosters.😉
For example,

  • A Fast Boat Booster from your Storage will be converted into a Super Fast Harvest Booster. Now you can harvest your crops at a faster pace. 🌱
  • Whereas the Super Fast Boat Booster from your Storage will be converted to the Super Fast Cooking Booster, enjoy serving your customers sooner by reducing their wait time.🍔 
  • Also, the Frenzy Boat Booster from your Storage will be converted to the Speedy Well Special Booster. Now you need not make your crops wait any longer for the fresh water they deserve.💧
  • And, Catering Surge Booster from your Storage will be converted to the Coin Rush Special Booster. 

Rest assured, these changes are designed to ensure that no player's resources go to waste and enjoy improved gameplay.🤠

Enhanced Train Features have arrived! 

We've revamped the Train Station and Train positioning for a smoother look and feel, along with a redesigned Train Station Building.🚂

Experience quicker construction times, now reduced to just 5 seconds. Enjoy the dynamic new Train character who waves a flag to signal Train arrivals and departures. Also, get tips from the Train character to guide and enhance your gameplay adding life to your terrain. Additionally, we've improved the Train feature experience by displaying the number of boxes that can be filled, and stay tuned for these exciting enhancements to make your Train adventures even more engaging!🚊

We hope these updates make your culinary adventures even more thrilling and fulfilling.🥳 Also, here's a little something to boost your spirits: we'll be crediting some In-game Cash to help fuel your culinary realm.😉 

That's all for now, chefs! Grab your spatulas and dive into these exciting new features. We're eager to see the amazing dishes you'll create. Keep your aprons ready—there’s always something exciting on the menu!🥳

Check out our latest YouTube video for more details here! And don't forget to drop us a comment below with your thoughts and experiences. Happy cooking, chefs!😉