Winter Soup

Cuisine: American

Cook Time: N/A

Serves: 1

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Fun Fact

During the era of Louis XI at the French Court, women primarily consumed soup during their meals. This choice was influenced by a belief that chewing might lead to the development of wrinkles, a concern they held.

Historical Fact
  1. Archaeological findings dating back to 6000 BC provide the earliest evidence of soup consumption, with the soup in question being made from hippopotamus.
  2. The term ‘soup’ originates from the French word ‘soupe,’ which evolved from Vulgar Latin ‘suppa,’ referring to “bread soaked in broth.” This can be traced back to a Germanic origin, which also gave rise to the word “sop” - a portion of bread utilized for soaking up soup or a hearty stew.
Nutrition Fact

Certain fibre-rich soups, like vegetable and legume-based varieties, play a role in maintaining digestive wellness by preventing bloating and constipation. Soup is abundant in water content, which provides nourishment to your body's cells and contributes to maintaining the freshness of your skin.