Tomato Cupid Soup

Cuisine: Spanish

Cook Time: N/A

Serves: 1

Quick Bites

Fun Fact
  1. Believe it or not, tomatoes come in a variety of colors, not just red. They come in yellow, pink, purple, black, and even white! 
  2. When first introduced to Europe, the tomatoes were small, golden, and cherry sized which inspired the French to consider them as sensual and named them ‘love apples’. 
Historical Fact
  1. New Cookery Book, published in 1857, was the first publication to mention tomato soup. In 1897, Joseph Campbell’s recipe for condensed tomato soup further increased its popularity. 
  2. During Colonial Times, tomatoes were considered to be poisonous and if you eat them, their poison would turn your blood into acid.  
Nutrition Fact
  1. Ladies, this one’s for you. Antioxidants found in tomatoes protect your skin from horrific sunburns and also lower the risk of age-related vision loss. 
  2. Consuming tomato soup may reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancers. Cooked tomatoes appear to have a stronger effect than raw tomatoes. So, slurp that soup now!