Work Area: Stage

Personality: Charming, attractive and graceful.

Nationality: American

Found jazzing at the stage, Rosie plays the guitar and sings melodiously. Customers often take selfies with her on the way out.

1. What made you decide to pursue a career in entertainment?

For me, it was the ability to work in an industry, which promotes new talents and gives that one opportunity to them. I love working with others who love music as much as you do. I mean, no days are ever the same, and that makes going to work a lot of fun. Since I am an artist, we get a lot of flexibility through the music we get approached for. This industry has infinite possibilities, so all that I can say is to reach out to people who interest you so that you can learn specifically about what they do and understand their thoughts too. 

2. Which is your favorite cuisine?

I love Vietnamese cuisine! I love almost every meal – from pho to spring rolls. I especially enjoy the seafood dishes that I had sampled once when I had gone to Vietnam. You might get the cuisine everywhere in the world, but trying it out when you’re traveling to Vietnam is entirely different. I had been there during one of my shows. And you have to try the steaming bowl of bun bo hue on the streets, each one filled with fresh herbs by the old granny near the temple gates.

3. A rumor that you heard about you that you don’t believe in.

Since I have won multiple Talent shows, people assume that I’m cocky and uncaring by default. They don’t even talk to me to know me on a personal level. It’s okay for me if that’s their opinion about me. But the truth is, I get hurt easily and I can never be arrogant to anyone. If I am rude, guilt flows all over me, which makes me miserable. 

4. Tell us something we don’t know about you.

Hmm, I have a weird one. I am scared of cutting fruits and I don’t know why. It gives me all heebie-jeebies. I can eat fruits, but I can never cut them. I might know the reason but I am not sure if that’s it. While I was cutting an apple when I was young, a worm had popped out, after which I have completely stopped cutting. Just the idea of it makes me terrified. 

5. Tell us your biggest obsession.

Currently, I am obsessed with Social Media. Whenever I am free, I’ll be on my phone. My manager tells me all the time to not let myself fall into the traps of social media, but here I am! Haha, here’s the one thing for sure, obsession changes. Last month, I was obsessed with clicking selfies, today social media, and you never know what I’ll be obsessed with in the coming days. 

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