Work Area: Restaurant

Personality: Humble, pleasant, servers with a smile and experienced waiter

Nationality: Irish

Not your regular waitstaff – George has been at it for decades. All the new waiters are coached by him.

1. First thing first, how did you find out your secret talent for yodeling?

My secret talent’s not a secret anymore, eh? Well, it started out as yelling at my friends, but then I learned that it’s a great way to get your voice cracking from low notes to high notes. I started practicing it and now it’s a fun way to show off my skills to my friends and family! During my day off now, I practice and try to sharpen it for my performances in my town. I’ll surely call you when I am all set! 

2. What do you love the most about being a waiter?

Well, I love a lot of things about it because it allows me to interact with new people between all the age ranges – from kids to elders. Each day I learn one new way to deliver better service and make our customers loved and happy! I love seeing my customers smile and enjoy themselves while eating every meal in the restaurant. And I love staying busy which makes me not miss my family back home. There are always a million things to do when you are a server in a busy restaurant. 

3. Did you have an awkward situation any day in the restaurant. If yes, let's hear it out.

Not an awkward situation, but yeah funny! One time I had a large table of 15 people and also a table of lovebirds who were celebrating their anniversary. I goofed up the table numbers and the order when they received was hilarious. The 15 people did not know what to do and they just cut the cake! And the table of two was puzzled with their chicken wings. Later I apologized and they were really sweet about it. But the cake cutting was hilarious. 

4. Which is your favorite cuisine from the restaurant?

You are trying to land me in trouble, aren’t you? Well, Indian’s my favorite cuisine because I love that it’s tasty, healthy, and always rich in spices and it always brings unique flavors to the table. And also, it's very rare you get good Indian Food here and Tarla is someone I can trust this cuisine with. She will always be my favorite for the hearty meals she has prepared for me. 

5. What do you do when you’re not serving? What are the hobbies that you indulge in?

You know yodeling. I have taken up standup comedy as my hobby for a few years now. It’s fun! This is something I haven’t told anyone about. I like doing it because you can go to an open mic once a week, once a month, even once a year but it’ll always give you the same recognition and respect if your content is good, right! And it also helps me bring out the confidence that I need every day to hustle and bustle through the restaurant. 

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