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Work Area: Critics and Celebrities Mansion

Personality: Classy, elegant and proud.

Nationality: American

Clearly one of the most popular faces of the small screen, Regina is all class and elegance. Sometimes gets a bit snobbish, and why not, she is after all a multi-award winning actress!

  1. So, how would you define acting?

Acting is an escape! I didn’t have a very happy childhood, so I’d read stories and imagine myself as the protagonist and act in front of the mirror, and I’d escape into a fantasy world that I’d make up in my head. This sounds delusional, but given my circumstances back then, my fantasy world scaled up to be much healthier than my reality. So, for me, acting is definitely an escape into a healthier space of mind where I thrive to be my best. It’s my passion, my job, my redemption. 

2. You recently won the Golden Globe for best actress in Television Series Drama. Any comments on that?

I remember feeling like my whole life was narrowed down to this one moment when the presenter was fiddling with the envelope. I also remember feeling a big rush of adrenaline when I finally heard my name and some people cheering next to me, but that’s it. Everything after that was pretty much a blur, I don’t remember walking to the stage, I completely ditched the speech I’d prepared, and was weeping the entire time. But I am so so so grateful to be recognized for doing something my folks called a ‘waste of time’. It meant the world to me.

3. You’re known for being graceful and always poised, how do you manage it?

By screaming into the pillow before leaving home in the morning and after getting back at night. Haha, I’m just kidding. It’s not one moment that changes you – after years of hearing absurd rumours about myself, false tabloid tarnishing your reputation, and friends backstabbing, I realised peace comes from within. When you gradually stop thinking about what others think of you, and stay true to your values, you’ll just know better than to let the media get the best of you. That’s what they look for anyway, to get a reaction out of you. So, don’t give them that. Keep smiling, weaving and cursing in your head. 

4. What brings you to Star Chef 2 on every other weekend?

Well, it’s the food of course! I don’t think Star Chef 2 needs any validation from me about its taste and skill in culinary arts. But there is another reason I love hanging out there, there are so many chefs from all corners of the world and half of them don’t recognize me because of the difference in our pop-cultures. They talk to me like I’m just another customer, and it makes me feel so “at home”. My favourite is Tarla, she’s always on about how much she misses India and now we’re secretly taking Bollywood dance classes… I just realised this won’t be a secret anymore.

5. Tell us a bit about your next venture.

I thought you’d never ask, LOL. So this is a Valentino gown and I love his new interpretation of the class old gown – it’s quite timeless if you ask me. The detailing is what takes the cake, you can see bright red sequined work on the subtle red silk underlay of garments, layered together to give out an elegant curve-hugging attire… just how I like it. As for make-up and hair, we kept them minimalistic with hair down and a nude lip, as the outfit is so glamorous. We’ve been working on this gown for around 4 months, and it’s worth every day that went into making it.

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