TV Star

Work Area: Critics and Celebrities Mansion

Personality: Charming, suave, flirtatious, Uber-cool and friendly.

Nationality: American

Good looks, trendy outfits and a super cool attitude is what sets him apart from the rest, but he also comes across as someone who is a touch flirty around the ladies!

1. Tell us a bit about your acting journey. 

My mom was an aspiring actress, but between working two jobs and being a single mother, she never had the time to seriously and fully pursue her acting career. But in the beginning days, she did take me to a couple of her auditions and shoots, she was always on the sidelines playing small roles but her love for acting is what kept her going. But as my education expenses started piling up, she had to fully quit work at places with a steady income. But she did leave a legacy for me to follow, all those audition and shoot visits got me interested in acting. To be honest, my ultimate goal is to be the one behind the camera, meaning to direct projects. Acting is just the beginning baby!

2. How do you feel when girls swoon at your blue eyes?

Haha, that’s a myth. Girls don’t really swoon over me, it happens only in the shows I act in. If anything, my celebrity status actually intimidates the few girls I’ve been interested in. So, I’ve never been in a serious relationship because the people that chase me are not my type, and the ones that are my type are just too far away from the glam world to see beyond my celebrity status and they shut me off.

3. Tell us one thing we don’t know about you?

Star Chef 2 is my guilty pleasure. I lie to my personal trainer about eating gluten-free dairy-free food in the café that he suggests. He’s going to be really pissed after reading this. In fact, I popped by the restaurant to grab a hamburger just before this interview as well. I used to be very conscious of my fitness, while I still maintain a healthy balance, I am not learning to be easy on myself and let myself have some cravings.   

4. What brings you joy or makes you happy?

Travelling, not for work but for a getaway. I really love going away and taking short vacations once in a while. I think it’s very essential to stay in the right state of mind and be productive because no matter how much you love your job, you do get worked up. So, going away every once in a while genuinely makes me happy.

5. What’s the best thing about being an actor?

Well, I think it’s the money! I mean, it’s hard to bag a show that’s going to be successful, because there’s no accurate way to know, other than trusting your gut. But once you do, you literally get famous overnight and your value just blows up. So, I’m going to be honest and say it’s the money. Like I said, my ultimate goal is to be a director so I am absorbing all the knowledge by being on the set and acting, and then when I do get to direct different projects, the favourite part about my job will be the job. 

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