How To Use In-Game Chat Effectively?

January 3

Spice up your Chef Adventure with Easy Peasy Team Communication!

Hey there, Chefs! Ready to stir up some excitement in your cooking journey? Well, buckle up, because we’ve got some piping hot news just for you! Say hello to the freshly improved In-Game chat feature that’ll bring a whole new flavour to your gameplay!

Using In-Game Chat Effectively!

Get Talking with Your Chef Team

Now, chatting with your fellow culinary wizards is as easy as pie! Just hit that chat button on the left side of your screen and watch the magic happen. Share your tips, tricks, and strategies with your entire team in one go. Need a helping hand? Throw in a Goodie's request and watch the delicious support roll in from your pals.

Smooth Sailing with Handy Options

But that’s not all, folks! If someone’s been a little salty in the chat, just report it, and poof, it’s gone! Keep the chat spicy and friendly with just a tap. Plus, when you’re in a pinch, your team’s there to save the day. Whether it’s watering, catering, or cooking, your buddies are just a click away to lend a helping hand.

Share the Sweet Taste of Success

Got an achievement that’s sizzling hot? Let your team know! Share those wins and bask in the virtual applause. With the new Team Achievement tab, celebrate milestones together, pick team icons, and revel in the glory of your joint success.

Time to Chat, Cook, and Conquer!

So, fellow foodies, don’t just play the game, savor the whole experience! Let the aroma of friendship and collaboration fill your screens as you cook up a storm together. With this awesome in-game chat, the journey from a single dish to an entire virtual dining empire has never been more fun and flavoursome. Get ready to chat, cook, and conquer your way to the top of the culinary world!

Get those fingers tapping and let the delicious conversations flow!