What’s New in v1.6.55?

January 31

Hop on to the most flavour-packed ride of Star Chef 2! From a Turbo-charged Display Makeover and Kekoa’s vibrant Mardi Gras Adventure to a time-travelling disco at the Food Cart Event along with the striking return of Cupid’s Delights, this Love Season will be spicier than a salsa dance-off!

Roses are red, violets are blue, care to meet us, and grab dinner for two?😉 Well, if that didn’t swoon you over, allow us to try once again, this time with something more dynamic and ravishing!😏

Alright, Chefs, it’s time to join us on a soulful joyride with an update that will make your feet tap and spatulas spin!💃 Here’s all you need to know about the latest flavour-packed saga that is waiting to be savoured by you.


HUD Update

Say adios to the gaming norm because we’ve cranked up the fun meter with a turbo-charged Heads-Up display Makeover. This isn’t just a game; It’s a pixelated playground where every click is a high-five to fun!🤩

Dive into the crazy world of cooking chaos with a display that’s as wild and vibrant as your culinary creations. Get ready to level up your gaming experience with a click that packs a punch - it’s time to high-five your way to victory!✌️


Kekoa Mardi Gras

Mask up, Chefs, because Kekoa is back with the most vibrant Adventure to turn your kitchen into a Mardi Gras marvel!🎭 Strap on your aprons and get your masquerade gear ready because this adventure is gonna spice up the menu like your grandma’s secret chilli recipe - bold, surprising, and maybe a little too much for your taste buds.😋

So let the flavour chaos begin and brace yourself for your kitchen is about to become the hottest spot in town!


Food Cart Retro Era

Swing into the Food Cart Event like a time-travelling culinary maestro - because who needs a DeLorean when you’ve got a spatula to cook up a storm that grooves on the most delicious taste of the Retro-Era?🤩 From vintage recipes to nostalgic flavours, it’s time to teleport your restaurant into a culinary time capsule. 

So, chefs, pull out your bell bottoms and get ready to dive into a time warp that’s as flavorful as it is nostalgic!🥺


Cupid Delight

Love is in the air, Chefs!♥️ And Cupid is orchestrating a symphony of delightful surprises. Transform your world into a love-infused paradise as you collect the lovely Delights of Cupid that are not just delicious but also infused with the magic of love!😍

Get ready for some special romantic vibes, heartwarming surprises and an ambience that will transform your restaurant into a beacon of love and happiness!💞

That’s a wrap on the most dynamic and ravishing update of Star Chef 2, folks! This update isn’t just about new events; it’s a culinary odyssey, a time-travelling feast, and a love-infused gastronomic paradise. So, gear up, grab your utensils, and let the flavour symphony begin! Also, don’t forget to tell us what you love the most about this update in the comments below. Happy Cooking, Chefs!