What’s New in v1.6.50?

January 10

Embark on a flavour-packed journey of 2024 with Tantalizing Food Cart Skins, and a Revamped Reward Lane! Do Join the madness and transform your kitchen into a feast for the senses with our Special Seasonal Decors!

Hey there, kitchen thrill seekers! Wishing you a very Happy New Year! As we hop, skip, and jump into the uncharted realms of 2024, brace yourselves for a gastronomic spectacle that’s about to hit your screens like a flavour explosion!🎉 Grab your spatulas, buckle up your taste buds, and get ready to embark on a journey that’s not just about cooking; it’s about becoming the maestro of your own culinary universe.🥢


Food Cart Skin

This update is here to take you beyond the kitchen and into the realms of sheer madness with the ever-so-exciting FOOD CART EVENT! Chefs, your culinary canvas is about to get a makeover and trust us, it’s the secret ingredient you never knew you needed. Here, you get to add a splash of visual spice to your creations with SKINS so Tantalizing they’ll make your dishes jealous and you super excited to complete the event in style!😎


Reward Lane

Dear Chefs, it’s time to spice things up a notch and navigate the Revamped REWARD LANE like a Culinary Ninja. Victory never tasted this sweet, my friends! Get ready to cook, conquer, and experience a taste of triumph that will leave you craving for more.😋


Seasonal Decors

As we bid adieu to the past and welcome the New Year with open arms, let’s turn your virtual kitchen into a feast for the senses.😍 SEASONAL DECORS are here to transform your restaurant into a party zone. It’s not just a season; it’s a culinary carnival waiting to unfold! 🎊

Imagine serving joy on every pixelated plate, with festive charm dripping from your virtual walls. Your culinary creations will not only taste amazing but will also be a visual spectacle that captures the spirit of celebration.🥳

That’s a wrap on the most tantalizing and revamped update of 2024, so far!🤩 Get ready to spice up your screens, roll up your sleeves, and dive into the culinary madness that awaits. Happy New Year once again, and may your kitchens be as lively as the flavour fiesta we have prepared for you! Oh wait, Don’t forget to comment down what you love the most about this update! Happy Cooking!😁