What’s New in v1.6.45?

December 20

Join Kekoa’s Adventure, dancing through the jolly realms of Holiday Spirits, and roll into a Frosty Food Cart Event Frenzy, where winter whimsy transforms your escapade into a snowy delight!

To our brilliant Star Chefs, your culinary finesse has us in awe! As we wrap up the year, let’s celebrate not just your gameplay but the pixelated masterpiece you’ve crafted in every click. So, brace yourselves for a culinary carnival that’s about to flip your gaming world upside down. Join us in the kitchen of awesomeness as we spill the beans on the most sizzling, dazzling, and downright fun-filled month of December you’ll ever experience! Let’s spice things up for the ultimate year-end and holiday bash!✨


Kekoa Holiday Banner

‘Tis the season to spice things up, and Kekoa’s adventure is here to sleigh the holiday blues! Join our culinary daredevil as he rides through the jolly realms of the Holiday Spirits, spreading cheer and chaos in equal measure.🎉

This isn’t just about cooking; it’s about embarking on a festive journey filled with surprises that’ll leave you laughing all the way. Kekoa’s adventure is the recipe for a holly jolly gaming season  - get ready to sleigh, laugh, and maybe snort a little!😜


FC Wonderland Banner

Roll into the Frosty Food Cart Event and let the winter whimsy take over your escapade. Picture this: snow-covered food carts, frosty ingredients, and a Winter Wonderland where the only thing better than your dishes is the gaming excitement.❄️

It’s not just an update; it’s a winter wonderland takeover!😍 Cook up seasonal delights, serve snowflake-shaped dishes, and let the festive vibes freeze your worries away. Get ready to experience the chill of excitement as your culinary adventure turns into a snow-kissed paradise - it’s time to roll, cook, and unleash the Frosty Food Cart Frenzy!😉

In a nutshell, get set for a cooking extravaganza that’s more fun than a food fight at a clown convention. Level up and sleigh through the holidays with Kekoa’s hilarity, while experiencing an enchanting wonderland through the Food Cart Event that will leave you colder than a snow cone on Everest! That’s officially all the deets on this update! Now, don’t forget to share what you love the most about this update in the comments below.

Finally, the kitchen’s calling, and it’s singing your name - are you ready to stir up some serious fun? Let the cooking chaos commence!😎