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New Sound Settings

When Ambient Sound was first released, most of you embraced the chirping of birds in your restaurant, the clanking of ladles in the kitchen or even the waves crashing against the shore in the Dock. While we were mostly happy with the feedback, we knew we had to also take into consideration the some of you who preferred the game without the Ambience Sound as well. And that’s where the three options for overall Music and Sound Effects in the game come into picture. If you go to the Setting of your game, you will find the following icons:

  1. Musical note - Use this to tune into or tune out of the Background Music inbuilt into the game to provide a fine-dining aesthetic.
  2. Volume Button - This icon is the mascot for all your newly added Ambient Sounds - birds chirping, waves crash, food cooking, so on and so forth, you name it. Not a fan of these? Turn it off right away!
  3. Advanced Settings —> Game Sounds - This button essentially controls the Sound Effects that pop by whenever you make any movements in the game - the swish when you open the kitchen appliance, the woosh when you harvest veggies and the cha-ching when you collect rewards. Tune out of those whenever you wish with the click of a button.