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How can I ask help in completing my Dock Orders?

Unlike the Help option to fill Crates in Catering, there is no Help support in Docks.

Please note that this change is applicable from v1.1.7 only. With this update, you now got to only fill one row of crates as opposed to the previous setup of three rows. The Dock feature has been completely revamped and redesigned to hand over more control to the player in terms of acquiring Exotic Items easily. To maintain a fine balance, we have removed the 'Help' feature from Dock only. On a related note, we also observed that the 'Help' feature in Dock hasn't been proven beneficial to players in the past. So our redesigned Dock model excludes the Help Feature.

To fill the crates faster, along with cooking the Dishes and growing the crops in your Backyard, you can also try buying these items from Food Truck or get in touch with your in-game Friends who may be willing to sell items to you from their Chef Store.