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General Gameplay

How do I log into Facebook from within Star Chef 2?

What is my GameID? Where do I find it?

What are the most common notifications in the Restaurant?

How to see my current Level in the game?

I love Star Chef 2 and want to share Feedback. How can I reach out?

How can I report an issue in the game? How do I contact support?

How do I Level up in the game?

What can I do with the Tools earned in the Star Chest?

How do I unlock new areas or plots in the game to expand my Restaurant or Backyard?

What is the Supermarket? Where can I find it?

How to grow and harvest vegetables in my Backyard?

How do I plant a Apple Tree in my Backyard?

What do I need Coins for? What are the various options available to earn Coins?

Can I remove Decor from the Restaurant and store it for later use?

Where are all my cooked Dishes stored?

How can I earn more Goodies?

Can I sell my Decors?

How to earn more Cash in the game?

Can you help me paint my wall and change my floor tiles?

How to remove walls from Restaurant?

How can I help my Friends revive Tree or Bush in the Backyard?

Why am I prompted to choose a game?

How do I find more Friends in the game?

How to cook a new recipe?

What is Dish Mastery?

I just made an in-game purchase but it never came through. What can I do?

What are the benefits of Well in the Backyard?

Can you help me recover my GameID?

How to change my game Avatar back to the Facebook image?

Why can I not see a friend's image and see an avatar instead?

Why am I auto-logged out of Facebook from the game?

What is Joe's Delivery?