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What is the use of Exotic items? Items like Yogurt, Blueprints, Apron, Green Elixir etc

Hi Chef,

Exotic items are rare items that are needed for specific functions in the game. They are mostly used in Cooking Lab to craft Magic and Boosters. Blueprints and Chef Tools are used to train Chefs and upgrade Appliances. Here's a list of Exotic items that can be collected from each Boat in the Dock.

  • Magic Boat (unlocks at level 25): Green Olives, Dried Apricots, Black Olives, Wedges, Exotic Dates, Edamame

  • Booster Boat(unlocks at level 30): Green Elixir, Yellow Elixir, Purple Elixir, Green Apple Yogurt, Mango Yogurt, Berry Yogurt

  • Upgrade Boat(unlocks at level 34): Common Blueprint, Rare Blueprint, Exquisite Blueprint, Apron, Graduation Cap, Degree Roll