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How does Dock work?

Hi Chef,

Dock is a place where you can import all the Exotic items which you need to prepare Booster and Magic in Cooking Lab. From the Dock, you can also receive Blueprints for Workshop and Chef Tools for Chef Academy.

First, you need to fill up the Crates in the respective Boat with the required items. You'll need to fill all the Crates in the row to "Set Sail". Once the Crates are locked and loaded, you can send your boat by tapping on the "Set Sail" button.

Once the Boat returns to the Dock, you will gain various Exotic items that will help you to craft Magic and Boosters, train Chefs, and upgrade Appliances. You also have a chance to win Dock Chest that may reward you with a few extra Exotic items and Cash as well. Upon claiming the rewards, you will be able to Fill Up a fresh set of Crates onto the Boat and "Set Sail" again.

Earn Dock points by sending more Boat trips and make your way to the top of the leaderboard.

Click here for a quick video tutorial.