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How can I become a Team Leader of the Chef Team? What are the benefits?

Hi Chef,

There are several ways of becoming a Team Leader. By default, the creator of the team becomes a Team Leader. Or, an existing Team Leader can nominate any player in the team to be Team Leader.  In case if Team Leader quits the team abruptly, then the senior-most Co-Leader will be picked automatically to be a Team leader.

The Team Leader role has certain privileges to manage and make changes to the team. A Team Leader can use the "Edit" option Under the "My Team” tab to change the team name, edit team description, and team icon. One can also change the Team type and set the minimum Player level required to join the team as well.

A Team Leader has additional privileges to either accept or reject players' requests to join the team. Similarly, a Team Leader can choose to change the roles of players in the team to be either Co-Leader, Elder, or Member. If necessary, a Team Leader can remove any player from the Chef Team as well.