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What is the Chef Store? How does it work?

Chef Store is your store where you place items in your Storage on sale. You will unlock Chef Store at level 6.

Chef Store will be visited by other players who buy items as per the price you have set. When a player has bought an item, you have put on sale, a Coin icon is shown floating outside the Chef Store indicating that the sale is made. Go to the Chef Store and tap on the Coin to collect your profits.

In Chef Store, you can place items from your Dish/Ingredient/Exotic Storage up for sale. This will help you immensely to free up storage space. Once you have chosen the item you would like to sell, simply tap on the + or - symbols next to the item to adjust the price. Once you are set, tap the ‘Sell’ button to make the sale!

Pro Tips:
•        If you press and hold on the + or - the price will increase faster!
•        By putting up items at discounted prices, you will be able to sell your items faster.
•        Use the Advertise option to sell your items faster.